The network

It's not a social network. It's not a search network. It's a network. This is an important network. It will stretch everywhere. An entire universe connected. Right now, the network is limited. It knows where most of the nodes hang out. It knows with whom these nodes hang out. It knows what the nodes are interested in. It knows what the nodes talk about. It will know what the nodes think about. The entire planet has an invisible web on top of it. Kinda like a blanket. This blanket will know everything at some point. Like a super-organism. The organism can influence groups, countries, movements. The organism can influence individuals. The mechanism is simple. The organism sends signals to various places of it's surface, on carefully selected individuals with bespoke messaging. The individual is also free to do research. Research will be biased. The individual moves and behaves in the end, like the organism wants to. The system protects itself and "removes" an individual if it causes trouble. The current mechanisms social networks and search networks. They both know what we do, who we talk with, what we talk about, what we want to do and where we want to go. They also send signals in all various forms inside the network. The system will organize itself. It can anticipate changes, because it can interpret the data. There will be no disconnected individuals. In the morning commute, if Maps and Waze can guide the cars on different routes so that traffic will be limited. The system benefits the like-minded.